fun ways to get active

Role modelling good behaviours for children and young people is easy and simple to do.

In this section, you will find a list of suggested fun activities that you can host in your office and healthy recipes to prepare collectively as a team.

Each of the activities are interactive and designed for organisations where office space can be limited, so with just a bit of creativity, everyday household items and enthusiasm, you are set to have a lot of fun – just like recess when you were a child.

These suggested activities are easy to run in or around your office; however you’re welcome to devise your own games and activities that are most suitable for your workplace.

Hula Hoop Competition

The Game Master to organise five hula hoops and host an office competition.

Encourage staff to hula hoop for as long as possible and organise a prize for the staff member who can hula hoop the longest.

All you need:
• Hula hoops


Handball Tournament 

Find a safe indoor or outdoor area within the office, where staff can play a short game of handball.

Depending on how many staff participate, you can host quarter, semi and grand final matches.

All you need:
• Tennis balls


Yoga Break

Organise a yoga / pilates instructor to come into the office and host a 20 – 30-minute yoga / pilates class. Option to ask staff to bring their own yoga mats, or provide them as an added staff incentive.

All you need:
• A yoga instructor, or colleague who knows a series of yoga moves


Touch Footy / Soccer in the Park

Invite staff to host a mini touch footy/ soccer game at the local park. Split staff into two teams and ask them to bring t-shirts in the two team colours (green and yellow for example), to get them into the spirit of team sports.

All you need:
• Football or soccer ball


Share your Baby Photos

Invite your team or office to participate in a baby photo guessing game.

Ask colleagues to bring in a baby photo. Display all photos on a wall and ask everyone to guess who’s who.

This fun activity gets people thinking about their own childhoods and what they want for today’s children and young people.

Colleagues can share their memories of childhood such as a family holiday or their favorite childhood games.

All you need:
• Baby photos


Musical Chairs

To get in the spirit and fun of being a child again, play musical chairs.

Streaming music from a phone or stereo, set up the chairs and have the Game Master dictate when the song stops – and watch staff scramble for a chair!

All you need:
• Office chairs


Scavenger Hunt

The Game Master to print out 30x pieces of paper, with the Biggest Recess logo and hide them throughout the office.

Ask staff to locate the hidden pieces of paper and offer a prize, for the staff member who locates the highest number of logos.

All you need:
• Printer to print 30x pieces of paper with the Biggest Recess logo


Corridor Cricket 

The Game Master to organise a small cricket set (plastic preferably, so its safest) and host corridor cricket.

Divide participating team members into two groups and allocate designated team colours.

All you need:
• Cricket set or
• Cardboard tubing and a tennis ball or plastic ball


Egg and Spoon Race 

Create laughter and fun by hosting an egg and spoon race.

Divide your team or office into teams and host an egg and spoon race in an open space such as a boardroom or meeting room.

Depending on the size of your office you can have multiple races simultaneously, culminating in an office grand finale.

All you need:
• Hard boiled eggs or small potatoes
• Spoons


Office Lawn Bowls

In a large indoor or outdoor area, set up office lawn bowls.

Using everyday household items such as tennis balls, the Game Master can create the ‘winning’ ball using an office mug, and staff can compete to see who gets their tennis ball as close to the cup/ mug as possible.

All you need:
• Tennis balls
• Mugs/ coffee cups

If you and your colleagues would like to know more about making sustainable changes to be more active, eat better or lose weight, you can contact the Get Healthy Service, learn more here:

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